With passion for sports aroused, Speediance receives $560,000 in overseas crowd-funding

At the beginning of 2021, Speediance received a 10 million-level angel round of financing and entered the home fitness market with Gym Monster, which is a digital strength training equipment focuses on strength training.

At the end of 2021, Speediance launched a crowd-funding campaign on its overseas Kickstarter website, gaining support from sports fans around the world and raising an impressive figure.

Just 10 hours after its launch, the campaign had raised $100,000! In just one month, the campaign eventually raised $560,000, and a total of 293 people supported Gym Monster!

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From in-depth user insights to product implementation, Speediance explores multiple scenarios and users’ growing love for sports

In a market dominated by traditional home fitness products, Speediance has found its way. By studying sports fans’ real pain points and constantly innovating, Speediance has formed its unique product competitiveness, found its own track and given users the power of love.

Many people these days set fitness goals. However, gym memberships can be expensive, the trip from home to gym can quickly become a stumbling block, and working out at home is limited by space. Besides, the lack of time and instant feedback on training can become a big headache.

Speediance has perceived people’s pursuit of health and life quality. Based on this insight, a popular “personal smart home gym” needs to have the following functions:

First, it should allow exercisers to train whenever they want to, without having to wrestle with the idea of “going to the gym or not”. Second, it should allow digital strength training; gym space is limited, so piles of dust-prone barbell slices should be avoided. Third, it should automatically record every strength increase, present it clearly and dynamically in specific numbers, and give real-time feedback after training.

Pushing the boundaries of what a gym is. Creating a design link of “exercising at home”.

Speediance implements its brand vision in its products and always focuses on users’ needs and pain points in the process:

Design philosophy

Gym Monster is very simple in structure and resembles a cable machine. Designed with high-strength steel materials, the product occupies only 0.3 m2 when folded, no bigger than a chair. Portable, compact, and easy to store, it can be placed in any corner or unused space in your house. You can extend your workout space in a limited house and do a host of exercises such as overhead squat, bench press, rowing, boxing, and aerobics. When your workout is over, fold the pedals and put it back in the corner where it will not take up much space in your home.

Design principle

Gym Monster has a training resistance of 100 kg and can provide stable and safe force with its original “active-passive torque” dual motor.

A feature of the design is a pulling rope that can slide in multiple directions. You can adjust the magnitude of the force you need by using a button on the handle or swiping the screen. This digital mode nicely completes and simplifies the addition of barbell slices in the gym.

Four modes are available: standard, power-assisted, chain and centrifugal, allowing the muscles to fully stretch and exert themselves.

In addition, the specially designed intelligent power-assisted mode improves safety during exercise and automatically reduces load when it detects a loss of strength. Kids and seniors alike can find the right exercise program that truly frees up their hands and makes exercise more fun.

Dialogue with users: Discussing the innovative idea of “sci-tech exercise”

In the past, consumers attached importance to the practical value and cost performance of goods, and many sellers became accustomed to the marketing mode of “taking selling points as the core and communicating with consumers”. But in the era of VUCA, consumers’ needs have changed, and the logic by which brands communicate with consumers must evolve accordingly.

This group has independent and unique self-consciousness. In consumption, they not only expect brands to meet their needs for basic functions, but also pursue self-fulfillment and a sense of identity and belonging. As a result, they tend to associate themselves only with brands that resonate with their values.

Thus, when Gym Monster launched on Kickstarter, it received many positive comments from users around the world.




Speediance has enabled “cross-border cooperation” between home fitness and strength training equipment, which is not only an innovation in traditional fitness equipment market, but also the perfect integration of products and design. 

As public health awareness has grown, there has been a significant increase in demand for home fitness. AI-enabled fitness products have great potential in domestic and foreign markets, with a considerable market size and growth rate. Starting from a home scenario, Speediance provides users with professional and interesting fitness services, enabling everyone to exercise more effectively at home.

As Speediance’s slogan goes, “Empowering with passion”. With passion, a brand will shine.

About Speediance

What we believe

Our mission: To make the world a more energetic place.

We believe in technology and innovation with true purpose, and it is our dream to make people live healthier and happier. 

With multiple patented technologies in motor unit, smart digital technologies, and intuitive design, we aim to create a way for people to get fit at home without going to the gym or investing in expensive and redundant exercise gear. Instead, people can start strength training in a simple and effective way at home whenever they choose. The products are just vessels for believes, dreams and love for life itself.

Empowering with passion

Key Values: – Users first – Keep it real – Stay curious – Persist in long-term development

Media Contact
Company Name: ShenZhen Speediance Life Tech Limited
Contact Person: Ziyan Ru
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Country: China
Website: https://www.speediance.com/

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