Salina City Commission to consider settlement agreement with SMC


A settlement agreement with Salina Media Connection, bonds, and a proposed Rural Housing Incentive District resolution are among the items on the Salina City Commission agenda for Monday.

About the meeting

Study sessions and city commission meetings will take place in–person in room 107 of the City-County Building, 300 West Ash Street, and via Zoom until further notice. Meetings also can be viewed at the City of Salina YouTube channel,

To participate via Zoom, citizens will need to use the following link:

The meeting also can be accessed by phone at 1-346-248-7799. Enter Meeting ID:892 7598 4587 when prompted.

If citizens wish to speak, either during the public forum or when the mayor requests public comment on an item, citizens attending via Zoom must raise their hands so that the meeting host can allow them to speak. Those who attend the in-person meeting will have the opportunity to speak at the podium.

Citizens also can send written comments or questions to city commissioners via email at [email protected].

In order for the commissioners to have an opportunity to review comments in advance of the meeting, please email your comments or questions by 5 p.m. the Sunday prior to the Monday meetings.

Study session

Commissioners are scheduled to begin with a study session at 2 p.m. The topic of the study session is “Continuous Process Improvement Review.” To see the packet for the study session, click here.

Regular meeting

The regular meeting is scheduled to begin at 4 p.m. NOTE: The Citizens Forum time for public comment has been moved to the end of the meeting.

Commissioners are scheduled to consider a resolution that would authorize the city manager to execute a settlement agreement between the City of Salina and Salina Media Connection (SMC). For a number of years, the city had an agreement with SMC for public, educational, and governmental programming on two cable television channels.

At the conclusion of a number of discussions about the agreement, the city commission on June 28 chose to allow the agreement with SMC to end rather than extend or renegotiate the agreement. City staff then began to exercise the termination provisions of the final agreement, including setting a timeframe for SMC to vacate Memorial Hall and determining the status of SMC’s assets, including equipment and the remaining fund balance of $165,291.37. SMC was allowed limited access to Memorial Hall until late August.

While there was progress on determining the status of the equipment, there was “little progress” made in determining the dissolution of the fund balance, according to information from the city. On Aug. 23, the city commission authorized legal counsel to file a lawsuit to enforce the terms of the contract.

“Shortly after this action, the City and SMC were able to agree and settle all of the remaining issues,” the city noted in the commission meeting packet information.

SMC will pay the city $128,671.21 and the city will acquire $11,000 worth of SMC-funded equipment, according to the proposed settlement agreement.

Other items on the city commission agenda for Monday include the following.

●Consider awarding the bid for the city’s 2022 mill and inlay project to APAC Kansas Shears Division of Salina in the amount of $916,219.20 with a five percent construction contingency for a total project authorization not to exceed $962,030.16 and authorize the city manager to execute a contract with APAC upon fulfillment of all prerequisites under the bid documents.

●Consider a proposed ordinance on first reading unconditionally approving the issuance of general obligation bonds by the Salina Airport Authority for the purpose of financing the cost of certaincapital improvements, including improvements to hangars 606 and 626 and related apron, taxi lane, and paring lot improvements.

●Consider approving a proposed resolution making certain findings and determinations as to the need for housing within the city and setting forth the legal description of real property proposed to be designated as a Rural Housing Incentive District within the city.

To see the Salina City Commission meeting packet for Monday, click here.

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