RidgeStone Capital Announces Financial Education Seminars in US and Canada about Lines of Credit, Business Loans, Equipment Financing and Leasing

IRVINE CA / ACCESSWIRE / June 15, 2022 / RidgeStone Capital (RSC) announces their new series of seminars dedicated to helping businesses achieve financing in the US and Canada. Whether it’s equipment, inventory, expansion, working capital, or lines of credit, RidgeStone Capital supports businesses that want to reach the next level with a full menu of financing options.

The financial seminars will help small and medium businesses understand the best methods to optimize their cash flow, monitor income and expenses along with strategic growth principles and methods to better manage their business. As many businesses were affected by the pandemic in the last two years, preserving capital has been the main objective for most. RidgeStone Capital allows you to hold onto the capital and provides loans or leases that range anywhere from $10,000 to $10,000,000 with terms that go upwards of 84 months. Their ability to find approvals for A-D credit qualities is unmatched as they do the shopping for the customers in a timely fashion as most approvals are accomplished within 12 hours from applying.

The dedicated team at RidgeStone Capital is prepared to handle all financing inquiries whether it’s a large business that has been operating for decades or a small startup company looking to make an impact for the first time. Their rates are aggressive as they offer many programs for all types of businesses. Financial education about USA based small business term loans, equipment financing and lines of credit will be discussed. Further we will review loan options for business owners, along with the processes for securing and working with them responsibly. Advanced topics will be discussed including various financial instruments and terminology such as daily, weekly and monthly repayment, collateral for loans, credit considerations, interest payments and revolving credit lines. Business and personal credit scores come into play with the varied rates given for small and medium USA business loans. A focal point of the education provided will be towards improving and managing a top business credit score in the United States and in Canada.

RidgeStone Capital believes a powerful recovery in the market is not only within reach, but it can happen quickly. The on-going series of seminars focus on setting a strategy for businesses to establish their mission and map out a tangible gameplan to accomplish milestones for the remainder of the year. The seminars also allow business owners to walk through the whole process from the beginning to the end. From the start with a credit application, to multiple approval options, to receiving funds that fit their needs, business owners will have their hands held every step of the way.


RidgeStone Capital (RSC) provides business loans and lines of credit up to $500K along with equipment financing and leasing. Loans and leases can be offered up to $10,000,000 with terms upward of 84 months. Business owners in USA and Canada can acquire the assets they need while keeping cash available for starting new projects. Lines of credit are available to assist businesses grow and maintain operations while approving lines up to $250K with competitive rates that can be approved within 30 minutes.

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