ProActive Lending Group, LLC Completes 19 Years in Financial Services Sector as a Private Lending Institution

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, June 30, 2022 / — ProActive lending Group, LLC, a leading commercial lending firm based in San Antonio, recently completed its 19 years in the financial services industry and entered its 20th year of running operations.

Bruce Myles, CEO and owner of the business, started the company in January 2003 after realizing that many good, hard-working businesses were not getting the banking services they needed to survive, maintain, and grow because of the restrictions on banks (FDIC) or banks not willing to take a chance on loan applicants. He used his network of private lenders that he built during his professional career and formed a group of investors that offered the loans that banks could or would not, involving both sides of the communities. Since then, the company has never looked back and has been helping investors fund their investments and lenders grow their money.

The company covers a wide variety of loan programs and services—from commercial and investment loans to real estate loans to equipment financing and more. The loan programs take all types of commercial property into consideration, value them and provide funds to help investors meet their needs. On the other hand, lenders get to invest their money with guaranteed returns without any risk.

“We are committed to providing investors with a solution that meets their investment goals and objectives. We run a network of lenders providing high-quality commercial loans to thousands of investors in San Antonio. Our objective is to connect you with the best possible lender, and at the same time, we desire to maintain the integrity and trustworthiness of our business relationships. We believe that real estate investors come first, so we make every effort to ensure that they receive the highest level of lending services,” said Bruce Myles, the Owner of ProActive Lending Group.

He continued, “ProActive is a group of finance managers and retired bankers with vast experience and knowledge of the lending business. We look at every deal to see how we can connect the dots to make it work for the customer rather than look for reasons to turn deals down. We are very excited about what lies ahead for our group as we continue this journey! We have expansion plans once again this year. One thing that keeps me going daily as an entrepreneur is that I have built something from nothing and can give back by helping others achieve their dreams.”

Bruce Myles started the company back in 2003, but it took three years for him to set the business up, and since that time, he has gone onto heights unimaginable. ProActive Lending Group, LLC has become a leader in giving out hard loans for investment, and the experience of every investor and customer has been good. The company focuses on lending to all requirements ranging from $100,000 to $5,000,000. With an average 14-day loan passing period, the company has a unique positioning in the citywide market.

About Proactive Lending Group:- Proactive Lending Group, LLC was founded in 2003 by Bruce Myles. He believed many excellent and hardworking entrepreneurs did not get loans from banking services they needed to survive, maintain and grow their businesses. This was due to restrictions placed on banks (FDICs) or banks that did not want to take risks for their customers and communities (or lazy loan officers). For that very reason, he started ProActive Lending Group, LLC, so that he could connect lenders to commercial businesses.

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