PJSC Tatneft : TATNEFT Has Determined the Grant Content Winners. Total Grant Fund Has Amounted to RUB 1.4 Billion

The Grant Committee has selected 298 socially significant initiatives in the territories of the Company’s presence.

TATNEFT’s grant program for municipalities was first presented in September at a meeting of the Public Council with participation of Nail Maganov, General Director of the Company, as well as Heads of municipalities. At the same time, the acceptance of applications in 4 priority areas was announced: “Education”, “Healthcare”, “Territorial Development” and “Culture”.

There were 545 applications received from 13 districts of the Republic of Tatarstan and from the city of Togliatti to participate in the contest, while the resulting list of the winners included 298 applications for the amount of RUB1.4 billion. At the same time, co-financing from the budget and private sources exceeded the amount of more than RUB 1 billion.

In particular, TATNEFT will support the overhaul and equipping of the Leninogorsk Central Regional Hospital in the village of Shugurovo and the transformation thereof into an inter-regional gerontological center. This project was initially announced at the meeting of the TATNEFT’s Public Council in Leninogorsk, which resulted in joint financing by the Company and the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Tatarstan. In addition, thanks to the detailed project preparation and the presence of significant co-financing, the Nurlatskaya CRH received three grants at once: for major repairs and reequipment. In Yelabuga, TATNEFT will take part in the major repairs of the College of Culture and Arts, which is an oldest educational institution in the city.

In total, TATNEFT will support the overhaul of 10 schools and kindergartens, 12 cultural institutions, help in fitting up 14 medical institutions with new medical equipment, and take part in 27 projects to provide settlements with drinking water within the framework of the grant program.

Nail Maganov, General Director of TATNEFT:

“TATNEFT was always involved not in the development of fields only, but in the development of territories as well. This is in the DNA of the Company. Our grant project is not just charity, but it presents social investments. The end result and real return are important, to make sure that people on our land perceive the effect of their common work. And the grant contest allows us to most effectively solve this problem.”

The grant program is a new mechanism of interaction between TATNEFT and the municipalities. Thanks to the contest, the procedure for allocating funds to address pressing issues of the territories’ socio-economic development, where the Company operates, has become more transparent and complex, taking into account the quality of the submitted projects and their significance.

One of the key criteria was the availability of co-financing from other sources: private or public. Thus, TATNEFT strives to increase the efficiency of the Company’s social investments, to involve local governments and private investors in social partnership.

Each submitted project has been subjected to the unified assessment using a specially developed algorithm and key criteria. After that, the assessment results have been reviewed by experts, and the final list of finalists has been approved at a meeting of the grant committee.

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