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Sandra L. Beattie

First Deputy Budget Director

Sandra Beattie is First Deputy Budget Director at the New York State Division of the Budget (the Division), joining the Division in 2019 from the federal government.  Ms. Beattie partners with the Budget Director in overall agency leadership and working across New York State government in the formulation and execution of the State’s $200 billion plus budget.  

She joined the Division from the United States Government Accountability Office in Washington, where she was responsible for multi-state and national analysis of a broad range of key fiscal and policy issues including grant program consolidation, affordable housing, Medicaid expansion, and establishment of health exchanges, among others. Previously, she also worked for Deloitte Consulting, and she started her career with the Division in the Public Protection Unit working in Albany and as the Division’s Washington, DC–based representative in the New York State Office of Federal Affairs.

For over two decades of delivering measurable results across the federal and state government, Ms. Beattie is a luminary in the public sector budget and performance management, digital transformation, crisis management, and working across all government domains (e.g., Health, Medicaid, Technology, Transportation, and more).  In addition, from the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ms. Beattie played a central role in New York State’s response, including the procurement of personal protective equipment, the fight for federal funding, and delivering new technology to support the vaccination and program and to launch the Excelsior Pass, a digital proof of vaccination.

Ms. Beattie earned her bachelor’s degree in political science from Emmanuel College in Boston and her master’s degree in business administration from the State University of New York at Albany.

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