3rd Edition of ET Auto Farm Equipment Summit 2022

3rd Edition of ET Auto Farm Equipment Summit 2022

Agriculture mechanisation has advanced significantly over the last few years. A significant proportion of the country’s farmers have already begun to transition from using animate sources to mechanical equipment to power their farming activities. The farming community generally uses mechanical equipment for various farm operations such as tillage, sowing, irrigation, plant protection, and threshing, among others.

As a result of increasing farm mechanization trends, the agricultural equipment market has witnessed strong growth in the past few years. This market is currently being driven by a number of factors such as easy availability of credit, government incentives, increasing agricultural productivity, the emergence of contract farming, increasing rural incomes, etc.

As a major agrarian economy, India’s tractor industry growth has been triggered by both government and private sector initiatives. Tractors will remain pivotal for agricultural production – but they will need to become more flexible, efficient, and sustainable. Growing demand for tractors equipped with cutting-edge technology like electrification will increase the farm equipment market value. However, high prices of farm equipment may create roadblocks in the growth path of the market.

The 3rd edition of ETAuto Farm Equipment Summit will discuss the current issues, new & emerging technologies and market opportunities. Industry leaders from different parts of the world will discuss and debate on the latest developments and trending issues such as TREM-IV, Financing, Electrification, etc.

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Event Name: 3rd Edition of ET Auto Farm Equipment Summit 2022
Website: https://agrigate.world/
Date: 28 September 2022

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