Ways To Lower The Cost of My Equipment Lease

Are you looking to grow your operations but lack enough funds to purchase equipment?

Buying equipment with cash can be expensive or impractical, especially if you see yourself upgrading it regularly. It’s not surprising nearly 8 in 10 U.S. companies prefer equipment financing and leasing as a cost-effective alternative.

There are several advantages to leasing compared to buying equipment with cash. One advantage is it allows you to take advantage of the latest industry equipment for a low monthly payment. Plus, you can start generating revenue to cover the cost of business expenses. But how do you find a leasing option that fits your budget?

This article is for business owners who are interested in leasing equipment but need to keep their purchasing costs low.

In This Article:

  1. Talk About Your Business Goals
  2. Ways You Can Reduce Risk
  3. 5 Factors That Affect Cost of Funds
  4. Flexible Options That Offer Affordability
  5. Find the Right Leasing Payment for Your Business

Talk About Your Business Goals

Don’t be shy about communicating these priorities to your financing consultant. Perhaps you’re looking for the lowest overall lease cost or need a specific monthly payment. Knowing your business goals and financing needs are key to securing the right funding. This helps assure they recommend creative solutions for your business.

For example: If your goal is to get a lower monthly payment, your consultant may recommend putting more money down. Or if you were looking for the lowest cost of funds, they may recommend reducing the term of your lease (36 months instead of 60 months). Learn more about getting a payment that fits your budget by watching the following video.

Some Ways You Can Improve Your Credit Application:

  1. Put more money down (Down Payment)
  2. Reduce the term of the lease (Shortened Term)
  3. Provide additional financial reporting, including:

    • Tax returns
    • Bank statements
    • Copy of pending purchase orders or upcoming contracts

  4. Add an additional guarantor
  5. Put more collateral in your agreement

The good news is you don’t have to figure this out alone. Take advantage of Beacon Funding’s free financing support. Schedule a free consultation at beaconfunding.com/talkwithus and get answers from a financing consultant about a financing solution.

Strengthen Your Credit Application (Ways to Reduce Perceived Risk)

One way to reduce the cost of your equipment lease is to show lenders you’re a low risk. The less risky you are for a lender, the more likely they are to enter an agreement with you.

Lenders want proof you’re a good candidate for a lease agreement.

5 Factors That Affect Cost of Funds

When considering leasing as an option to acquire equipment, the overall cost of your lease is driven by your credit quality.

These are the factors that lenders consider when calculating the cost of your equipment’s lease:

1. Time in business

Lenders prefer to work with businesses that have a demonstrated history of success. Time in business is a measure of how long a company has been operating. Lenders use this metric to determine how successful a business has been or could likely be in the future.

The longer a company has been in business, the more competitive its monthly payment may be. Businesses greater than two years old have more financing programs to choose from, while start-up companies may have limited options.

Three stacks of coins in ascending order sit next to an hourglass.

Unlike traditional lenders, time in business is not an issue for Beacon Funding. Our financing experts specifically work with startups and understand the value of your business’s equipment. That way, we’re able to approve 7 out of 10 of our applicants.

If you’re worried about your start-up not getting approved, talk to an equipment financing expert today about leasing your next equipment purchase at beaconfunding.com/talkwithus.

2. Personal credit

The personal credit quality of a business owner often plays into the strength of business credit. Lenders often assume that poor personal credit will lead to poor repayment of their business loans.

Personal pay blemishes, bankruptcy, judgments, and/or liens may have an impact on your business’ perceived credit risk making it more difficult to obtain business credit.

3. Business credit

The better the business credit, the less risk for the lender. The less risk, the more likely a business can obtain financing.

Like personal credit, lenders want to see how reliable a business its financial obligations are before giving them a loan. The more business history your business has the better picture lenders have of how your business pays back its debt.

4. Asset being financed

The total cost of the equipment’s purchase price is a key factor in determining the cost of your lease. Your lease’s overall cost fluctuates depending on the equipment you choose and its condition.

The condition of an asset plays a part in how lenders will calculate your lease payment. Some factors that include how a company calculates this include:

  • Age of the equipment
  • Mileage on the equipment
  • Hours on the equipment

Rule of thumb: The older and/or more miles and hours your chosen asset has might create the need for a shorter-term offering. Something to keep in mind is that financing an older equipment asset can save money overall (and doesn’t necessarily mean you will get more rental charges) but might come with higher monthly payments because of its shorter term.

5. Cash flow for the business

When lenders look at your business, they will want to know whether your business is bringing in revenue and has the potential to build value over time.

As your small business starts to grow you will want to show lenders you can cover expenses and pay monthly lease payments. A high-quality cash flow indicates whether your business has the potential to succeed.

Pro tip: It’s advantageous to show as much sales activity as you can to your lender. Regularly depositing the cash your business earns into a business bank account demonstrates a positive cash flow. Lenders will typically require the last 90 days of bank statements, so be sure you make deposits on a regular basis.

Flexible Options That Offer Affordability

Concerned about getting a good ROI on your lease? Ensuring your bills are covered by the revenue you generate each month is a top priority for every business. A breakeven estimate is a powerful tool for helping you find your monthly budget.

Use this free tool for your business so you know how many fulfilled jobs you need to break even on your equipment investment. That way, you can rest assured of knowing exactly how to price your services and make a solid profit each month.

A business owner uses Beacon Funding's breakeven estimate app on their mobile phone.

Download the FREE breakeven calculator for your mobile device today.

Fortunately, there are also specific options to help you keep costs low while you start generating revenue with your equipment.

Flexible plans that are known for their ability to reduce upfront costs:

  • No Money Down
  • Buy Now, Pay Later
  • Step Payment Options

When affordability is a concern, don’t shy away from talking to an expert about equipment leasing. Talk to a financing consultant at beaconfunding.com/talkwithus for a free consultation on a flexible plan that fits your unique situation.

Find the Right Leasing Payment for Your Business

At Beacon Funding, we understand every business is unique. Not one size fits all. Set your small business up for success with a fast and easy application – it takes less than 15 minutes to apply online.

Unlike traditional lenders, we invest energy and time into understanding your business goals. When you work with one of our expert financing consultants, you’ll receive help to craft a lease payment plan that fits your company’s needs.

When you work with one of our expert financing consultants, we can help craft a lease payment plan that fits your company’s needs. Still not convinced? Learn more about how Beacon Funding can help your business get the “best deal” by checking out the following video.


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